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  • Setting up Call Forwarding for Google Voice on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4

    Google-voice-iconHello everyone, this is Chris Rodriguez with CricketUsers.com the website channel. This video is going to be about setting up Google Voice to work on your AT&T Galaxy S4. What we are going to be doing is bypassing our voicemail and using Google Voice to handle that. We’ll also have use of secondary number in general and be able to send/receive text on it and make outgoing calls to it and receive calls at that number. So this is good for all sorts of people, people that need a second number like let’s say you have a business, you want to separate your business from personal phone calls. Also if you want a custom number, I have a 904 cricket number. For example, anyways this video is more about how to set it up than to the advantages/disadvantages of using it.

    Uninstall Voice Call Forwarding

    So let’s go back to the very beginning and we’ll go ahead and uninstall Google Voice. You could see the widget that came with it right there. Uninstalling an application is really easy. We’ll just go to Settings, more Application Manager, locate it and then uninstall it. So this will allow us to set it all up again. There are a couple of things I would do in preparation for Google Voice. One is going in to your settings and then go to My Device, Call, Additional Settings. If I read the settings from the network carrier it just goes to AT&T and then the Call Forwarding. I would take down this number even though it seems like the phone actually stores it. Now this number is not my actual phone’s number. This is where it goes to get the voice mail box. There’s that number. I won’t show you mine, if you see it, it doesn’t matter. We really don’t use this phone. It’s just for videos. We pay a lot to just do videos on this or I do.

    Redownload Voice Call Forwarding

    Let’s go back now and we’ll go ahead and go to the Play Store and re-download Google Voice. We’ll accept. We’ve already set up a Google Voice account. You can go to Voice Site Google.com to set that up and then on there. You can save your phone number and a bunch of other things. Alright, let’s go ahead and open up Voice. Google Voice can provide the voice mail service for your phone. Place the service for your mobile carrier, there’s a lot of things they can do of course, we’ll hit next. We’re going to use this one, create user’s account. There of course you have the option there to add another account if the one that has your Google Voice on it isn’t selected or you want to get a new number, something like that. Anyways, now we need to continue the setup. We need to add this phone because it’s not listed there. So this Google Voice will now verify your number by sending a test message from your phone to Google Voice service. Verifying your phone number, updating settings. We have verified your phone number.

    Configure a Call Forwarding Number

    Next, I use “ask every time I make a call” whether or not to use Google Voice. Some of it is for a business call, I can use my Google Voice number. If it’s not, I’ll just use my personal number and now it says “In order to configure your voice mail we need to access your current settings” on some phones this won’t be available. On a Galaxy S4 on AT&T is should be- This is “We will now try to setup Google Voice as voicemail provider on your phone”. Pick Configure, Google Voice. We’ll read the current settings and update them. Voicemail number changed.

    Synchronize Inbox for Call Forwarding

    We’ll go ahead and synchronize my inbox, I hit finish and all my text will start to download. Of course you can always add a nice widget on your home screen and you can resize it appropriately like so. We go under our settings, we can verify that Google Voice is our new provider for voicemail. Google Voice, our voice mail number will be our Google Voice number now I know for this option here and if you go back into Additional Settings, you can see the new Call Forwarding. Also go to your Google Voice number so for more information on this device and more. Please like this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You guys are the reason why I’m able to actually get these devices and do these videos, thanks a lot.

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  • Why You Should Buy a UK Toll Free Number for Business Purposes


    United Kingdom flag

    Introduction on UK Toll Free Numbers for Business

    If you want to establish a business presence in the United Kingdom, but have no compelling reason to physically move there, having a toll-fee number there is the way to go. Imagine how many customers you can win in that part of the world, and how much money you can make in a market which includes cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Global Call Forwarding provides UK toll free numbers around the world, along with a variety of services designed to meet a variety of your needs.

    Reasons UK Toll Free Number Services

    The first is to save money. With this service, you can make an incoming call without receiving a charge for making the call. And who does not want a smaller phone bill? You try to make an out-of-the-country call on a regular plan, roaming charges will apply. Those charges can be really expensive. If you don’t opt for this service, but choose instead to try international plans, most of them can become fairly high.

    The second reason is to look more professional. Believe it or not, possessing an 800, 866, or 877 number can mean that you get more clients because they won’t have to worry about incurring a charge when placing an order, or simply wanting information on your service. This will attract more clients in those countries than you may realize!

    Also, as the UK Toll Free Number website points out, it gives your business the look of success. Indeed a 1-800 number gives the look that you have paid your dues and become successful, and can afford to have you contact them for free. People from all over will be attracted to your business. Often that is a key barrier–getting a customer’s “foot in the door.” Indeed, a client must be attracted to you before they even become interested in what you have to sell them.

    Additionally, the service also allows you to forward a call to whatever number you want. Let’s say a prospective customer or client calls you from your toll-free number. That call can be forwarded to your VOIP, home, cell, or work phone, whatever your choice may be. This saves you from losing potential buyers because they cannot get a hold of you.

    Other Features of UK Toll Free Numbers

    Sequential forwarding allows you to register up to four lines that can be used in case the main line is busy at the moment a client calls. This will be helpful to your business as people generally don’t like being placed on hold for an extended period of time. Of course they can call back, but in the time that it takes to call you back, you may lose that customer to another company that provides the same–if not better–service.

    Another feature that would really help your business is call recording. It monitors your incoming calls, and helps you be able to observe your customer service representatives’ interactions with clients over the phone. This can help keep better track of them, enabling you to show them areas in which they need to improve in their daily interactions with your clientele, or potential clientele. Remember that customers are the life’s blood of your company–without them there would be no business. So you need to be able to see to it that they are treated as professionally as possible.

    Yet another feature that you might find worthwhile in your business is the black and white lists. Block people you do not want calling you, especially former customers who have not been great clients in the past. No worries–the system will automatically block them!

    What Have You Got to Lose?

    The UK Toll Free Number website offers you a free trial. Try it out for a limited time to see if this service is right for you. Now you will need an activated credit card to take advantage of this. On the website you will find the number to call. Or under “Contact Us” you can send the company a message indicating that you want to discover what this is all about. You too can start saving money, gaining more customers, and expanding your business not only in the United States, but across several countries as well. The longer you procrastinate, the more likely other businesses are picking up clients that would have come to you.

  • Telecommunication
  • Cloud-Based Tools for Small Business: Why You Need to Know More About Them and How They Will Help You Succeed

    Seemingly every business nowadays wants to be in the “cloud.”

    It’s a buzz word that has come to connote mobility, efficiency, and ease of business for the company and customer alike.  However, it is also clear that many businesses are still not entirely sure what the cloud is or how one is meant to utilize it.
    According to a Zoomerang survey cited by Ramon Ray in his article at Business Insider, 47% of small and medium-sized business owners are still unfamiliar with cloud-based technology and 25% of those polled have heard the term, but do not know what it means.

    A cloud-based service is one that is not tethered to a single location and does not rely upon a physical infrastructure–the hardware and servers that may populate your local business set-up.  It is, in other words, off-site and mobile, accessed from anywhere at anytime, and capable of streamlining the information and activity of a business.

    Ray elucidates the idea that the SMB market remains largely uneducated about “the cloud,” but upon exposure is extremely likely to adopt such technologies.

    eVoice® is a good example of one type of cloud-based service: a virtual phone system.  As a “radically better phone number,” eVoice provides a means of always being within fingertips-distance of your business–even when you are not at the office.  With a “virtual assistant,” call routing, call transfer, and mobile apps, eVoice allows a business person to theoretically have access to several places at once–because the number is actually based “in the cloud” and not fixed to a single, physical location.

    This is just one type of cloud-based service, though.  Online faxing, for example, does away with the necessity of a phone line with a traditional fax machine.  Rather, online fax allows you to harness that technology on any web-enabled device and take it on the go with you.  Never having to deal with paper, toner, or a phone line in order to fax grants you the ability to be truly mobile–doing business on the go without losing any efficiency or capability.

    According to the survey, the other areas of cloud technology that most of the SMB market is focusing on involve online backup and email.  Online backup can provide crucial off-site data storage for businesses and should be an integral part of the redundancy plan and information security systems of any business of any size.  Hosted email and email marketing also are cloud-based email services that can help keep a business organized, efficient, and streamlined.

    Certainly, not all businesses are familiar yet with cloud technology.  However, it is undeniable that such services are the wave of the future and offer a convenient, efficient, and secure means of conducting business.

  • Call Recording
  • eVoice, Call Recording in the News

    eVoice has been in the news lately. From Forbes, to Gigaom, to PC Magazine, eVoice is being noticed, and recognized, by small business writers as a great tool for  businesses who want to create a “big business” image, streamline their communications, strike a better balance in their work and personal life, all while saving time and money.

    From GigaOm writer Charles Hamilton: “I asked eVoice’s Greg Smith how he differentiates eVoice from Onebox and from competitors’ offerings. According to Smith, eVoice stands out because it offers a free trial for up to six months, 1,000 minutes or 60 voicemail evoice tom taulli forbestranscriptions.”

    Smith says that eVoice recognizes how central telecommunications is to businesses, and it wants to ensure that customers are comfortable with its service. eVoice also offers a large discount (23 percent) to those who sign up before the trial period ends.”

    PC Magazine writer Jefferey Wilson wrote about eVoice’s latest enhancement — call recording. “Call Recording, a much sought after feature from eVoice users, rounds out the virtual telephone service. With it, doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, contractors, travel agents, and other professionals can record contractual conversations.”

    In addition to the recently launched call recording feature, eVoice offers a host of features designed to help small business owners streamline communications and be more efficient, including: auto attendant, conference calling, professionally recorded greeting, voice to text transcriptions and more.

    With a six-month free trial offer and a guided tour video that demonstrates simple step-by-step setup, eVoice makes it easier than ever for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to use eVoice to be more professional, efficient, and mobile. qrcode

    You can sign up for a free six month trial to experience the service for yourself.

  • Virtual Phone Numbers
  • How Voice Mail Service Can Give a Boost to Your Small Business

    The small business owner needs to be proactive, creative, and always on the lookout for ways to improve his or her company. Competing with larger companies is always a major challenge, and it takes a lot of effort to stand out with so many companies doing business over the Internet.

    Every small business could use a boost to get ahead of the competition and grow into a more well established company. One such highly valuable tool is a business phone system with a virtual phone number.

    When potential clients call, they want to hear a professional business on the other end, as opposed to a personal number. With eVoice®, callers will have peace of mind when they hear the professionally recorded greeting and subsequent direction to extensions, making it easy for them to leave a message that you can retrieve with ease via phone, text, or email.

    A virtual phone number also increases efficiency overall, which is vital because you end up heightening productivity and earning more revenue. A virtual phone number lets you focus your attention where your business needs it, while not neglecting your customers. In essence, it acts like your own professional assistant by answering all of your calls and directing them to the appropriate extension. This promotes efficiency by keeping your calls organized.

    A virtual phone number from eVoice ensures that you never miss a call by routing them to your cell and home phone, and it makes sure that you get every voicemail by delivering those messages through text and email.

    A virtual phone number with voice mail service provides just the type of image and benefits needed by a small business to stay ahead of the competition, surpass goals, and eventually grow into a larger enterprise. See how with a free trial of eVoice.

  • Virtual Phone Numbers
  • The Top 5 Ways An International Virtual Phone Number Can Simplify Your Business Life

    Managing your own business can be a satisfying experience, but the rewards don’t come without a price. Deadlines, time management issues, competition, and other challenges all take their toll and, if you aren’t careful, high stress levels might end up overtaxing your health and well-being.

    Fortunately, there are tools that can help reduce stress and boost your quality of life, without sacrificing your company. One such tool is an international virtual phone number. Five principle ways that a virtual number can help reduce stress and boost your quality of life include:

    1. Auto Attendant – All calls are promptly answered and directed by an auto attendant, so you won’t risk missing an important call. The auto attendant takes away the stress of having to answer calls when you are busy — finishing an important project; spending quality time with family; or in a meeting with a client, for example. The ability to direct callers to various “departments” in your company, such as Sales, Customer Service, or Marketing, helps you project a professional business image.
    2. Call Routing – A virtual phone number allows you to have calls forwarded to whichever numbers you choose. This is especially helpful for consulting and other types of work that don’t require you to be confined to the office. Instead of needing to be by your landline to catch an incoming call, you’re freed up to take care of other aspects of your business, or even handle non-business related activities with the
      knowledge that you won’t be missing any important calls. You won’t need to worry about missing a call because you can have all calls routed to ring sequentially or simultaneously at up to 5 phones (for example, home phone, cell phone, home office, satellite office, client’s office, etc).
    3. Privacy – Since clients will be calling a virtual number that then gets routed to whatever phone(s) you designate, you don’t have to share your personal home phone or cell phone number. And eVoice’s “Click-to-Call” feature enables you to return a call from your cell phone displaying your eVoice virtual phone number (instead of your personal cell number) in the Caller ID screen at the recipient’s end.
    4. Control – A virtual number gives you more control over phone calls, and more options for your callers, because you can direct callers to whichever department you like, and can answer or return their calls on your terms.
    5. Voicemail Transcriptions – Instead of having to listen to long-winded voicemails, some virtual phone number services, like eVoice, also give you the option of receiving a voicemail message transcribed into a text message or sent as an email.

    To experience these and other ways in which a virtual number can facilitate business, take a free trial with eVoice.